Make a Memorable Birthday Party at Home

By | August 21, 2013

Today, everyone is looking for ways to entertain at home. Even adults are having birthday parties at home. There are so many creative ways to throw one. The best ideas don’t have to be expensive when you use Orient Trading coupons to buy the fixings for your birthday party ideas. You can even get professional molds to make homemade birthday cakes.

What are the most inexpensive yet memorable birthday party ideas?

  • Themes: One of the best ways to save money, yet still plan a great and memorable party is to use themes. You can go online with Orient Trading Coupons let’s say, and purchase a theme that is around your favorite character or situation. You may have a Hawaiian theme or a Disney character theme. It is much less expensive sometime to buy the set of decorations you will need.
  • Homemade Party Food: Instead of going to the supermarket deli and ordering a $50.00 load of chicken wings and then spend as much on the veggie platter and cheese platter and then maybe $30 for the cake if you are lucky—you can spend a day having fun in the kitchen with homemade birthday cakes and homemade cupcakes. You can get all kinds of inexpensive but durable cake and cupcake pans. The mix for over a dozen is only around $5.00—you can’t go wrong with that.
  • Use your own equipment to maximize the experience: For chicken wings, you can use your slow-cooker to make dozens of chicken wings the way you like them! And at a fraction of the price. Try some chicken wings with one cup packed brown sugar, ¼ cup vinegar, and BBQ sauce to cover. Slow cook them until tender and falling off the bone. These are a hit with birthday and tailgate parties of any kind.
  • Cupcake Trees: These are so decorative and fun! Make as many dozen cupcakes as you want and then get a cupcake tree. You can get them fancy in wire so the cupcakes look like they are hanging in mid-air or you can get a less expensi

    ve card board one and make three stacked tiers of beautiful cupcakes with colored icing.

  • Decorations: Choose decorationsthat focus on the tables. You should always have accessible card tables if you entertain a lot. If you don’t, then any sturdy table with enough room will do. A nice plastic, brightly colored table cloth or themed table cloth will do just fine. Your utensils are to be matching and paper pop up centerpieces or low vases with a colorful flower arrangement or two is great.These tips are inexpensive ways to make a great visual and taste impact on your guests for your first homemade birthday party. With this birthday party ideas your guests will be talking for weeks ager the event and they’ll think you spent a fortune. If you are any good at baking they will think you spent tons on gourmet cupcakes and they will be impressed when they find out it was all on you!

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