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By | August 14, 2015


When your kids are involving too much in television or computer games, or even you are fed up with many kinds of usual entertaining activities, try those special Japanese games. What can be more wonderful than amusing and creating “masterpiece” or having winning-yourself-moment at the same time? Oriental trading coupon codes bring you chances to experience the two most interesting games basing on Japanese culture, which are Ball Balance Games and The Ancient Art of Origami Kit.

This game is call ‘kendama’ in its mother country. These Ball Balance Games are designed to challenge your concentration and balance skills. Being suitable for both kids and adults, this toy which is usually made in wood has a body stick and a ball linking together by a string. The rule is trying to catch the ball in one of the cups on the side of the stick or to spear it with the point of the stick. There are many tricks to do with this toy and you can even do them as performances. Don’t hesitate to get one with Oriental trading coupon code.                                                               

Another kind of game also comes from Japan is ‘origami’, which is the art of paper folding to create a large number of figures. This game is also a challenge for your concentration, other skills needed is patience and scrupulousness. Oriental trading coupon code is available for you to buy The Ancient Art of Origami Kit. This kit includes:

  • 40 sheets of colorful paper in three sizes
  • 8 sheets of patterned paper
  • 10 sheets of fancy foil paper
  • 10 sheets of double-sided origami paper
  • Step-by-step instruction book
The Ancient Art of Origami Kit

The Ancient Art of Origami Kit


You can create many things from easy to difficult level such as: golden treasure box, bright red sailboat, paper piano and many kinds of flowers, etc.

Having fun and training your mind with these useful and healthy games, you will not only reduce your stress but also have a chance to discover a corner of Japanese culture.

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